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NB STYLE CONSULTANCY- Finding your style

Allow me to introduce myself (I said that in my head in the voice of Jay-Z) I am a mother of two girls living in Milton Keynes. I am from Manchester and left Manchester to study Journalism and Communication as I mature study. I am now a full-time working mum chasing her dream and reality of being a full-time personal shopper. I have been a full personal shopper before for House of Fraser and Debenhams, but I didn’t enjoy retail and the pressure of selling to customers. I started my style consultancy to help women like myself who felt like they were stuck in a little bit of a style rut after having children. I want to help women feel happy and confidence about what they see in the mirror.

Clothes have power, let me rephrase it’s the person in the clothes that have the power, but clothes are like your superhero costume. A superhero isn’t a superhero until they don their superhero outfit. I want women to go out and feel like superheroes every day because we are. Mother are superheroes, the stuff it takes to get children out the door in the morning, dressed, fed and water is just shy of a miracle.

What is personal style (superhero) style?

Your style is something that will evolve over time just like you. But fundamentally your personal style is a reflect of you. Its exactly what it says on the tin it your personality via clothes. Knowing what your personal style is makes it so much easier for you to go shopping for clothes and buy things that don’t stay in your wardrobe for the next 6 months with the tags still on. Now we may not always wear what we like, but what we like is generally our style personality even if you are not brave enough to wear it. That’s why is great to use a personal shopper or a stylist as they can help you crave out your personality style in an easy and sustainable way.

3 tips on how do you find your personal style?

1. A great place to start is by creating a mood board, Pinterest is great for this and I do an analysis with my clients. Doing a mood board allows you to work out what you do and do not like. When you see someone wearing something make a mental note and see if you can find something similar online.

2. Have a quick scan of your wardrobe you will be surprised that you will start to see a theme, you may shop a lot in a particular store or wear a certain type of jeans. Once you have done a quick scan of your wardrobe it would make sense to do a little declutter. You need to make sure you get rid of things that don’t fit and most of all things that don’t spark any type of joy. Even if its something you wear all the time.

3. Know your body shape, I would say this is one of the most important ways. You may find something, and you are like yes that is me all over and you buy it. But when you get it home and you stand in front of the mirror you don’t get all the feels like you did when you saw it on the hanger in the store. I would however this applies when you see something in the store and it doesn’t look so great but when you try it on it looks amazing. Now I am the first to say its ok to break the rules (I am most definitely a ruler breaker when it comes to style) however if you are at the beginning of defining what your style is I would say stick to the basics and take it from there. Once you are comfortable with what your personal style actually is then go for gold and break those rules lovely.

Its in the detail

There are 5 main style personalities and the way I explain it to my client’s is that each of these has liked a sub category or an extension to it. People are generally not one thing and there is no hard-fast rule to style unlike fashion.

1. Classic

2. Bohemian

3. Romantic

4. Bold/Dramatic

5. Natural

You then put you own twist on these (the sub category) for example, chic, sexy, vintage, sophisticated, boyish, preppy. The list goes on and on.

Think of a celebrity who’s style you like and do a little research on them to get you going. I have a few but I would say Tracee Ellis Ross, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna some of my personal favs.

Below are some pictures so you can see what my personal style is, I would say that its a mix of classic and Bold/Dramatic.

Would you agree?

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